Recorded Webinar – Recorded on 26 Jan 2023

How Focusing on Recovery First Can Help Long COVID Patients to Regain Physical Fitness

Hosted by Kasper Janssen

Kasper Janssen

Hosted by Tiina Hoffman

Tiina Hoffman

firstbeat webinar recording

Watch the webinar recording to learn how you can help long-COVID patients regain their physical fitness with examples from real patients.

Watch the webinar recording, where guest speaker Dr. Kasper Janssen and Firstbeat Master Trainer Tiina Hoffman discuss the importance of recovery when working with patients suffering from Long COVID, and the value that Firstbeat Life data can play in highlighting poor recovery and the steps needed to improve, with real-life examples from a patient case study.

Did you know that according to the World Health Organization, at least 17 million people in the European region have experienced long COVID, with common symptoms including fatigue, shortness of breath, and muscle ache?

The worst of the pandemic may be over, but long COVID continues to affect the health of millions of people all over the world. Dr. Kasper Janssen, a sports & exercise physician based in the Netherlands, has been working closely with long COVID patients and found that the usual treatments were not effective.

However, after his intervention study identified the key symptoms and developed a gradually progressing protocol, Dr. Janssen found that by focusing first on recovery, including taking breaks, developing healthy sleep, and good nutrition, patients could gradually return to exercising again and regain their physical fitness.


Kasper Janssen

Kasper Janssen Sports & exercise physician

Dr. Kasper Janssen is a sports & exercise physician based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. He holds a PhD in sports, lifestyle and health from University Medical Centre Amsterdam. Currently he specializes in lifestyle medicine and treats patients with Long-COVID / or post-COVID-19 condition.

Tiina Hoffman

Tiina Hoffman Master Trainer, Firstbeat

Tiina Hoffman is an Exercise Physiologist who works at Firstbeat as a Specialist and Master Trainer. She has over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry and research.

As a young adult, Tiina spent 4 years cross-country ski racing and then 4 year coaching at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Once back in Finland, she found her way to Firstbeat after several years in overtraining and heart rate variability field studies at the Research Institute for Olympic Sports and the University of Jyväskylä.

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