Recorded Webinar – Recorded on 13 Jun 2017

Simple Techniques to Set Effective Goals and How Best to Reach Them

Hosted by Martin Hagger

Set goals and reach them effectively

In this webinar, Dr. Martin Hagger outlines some of the key features of effective goal setting and provides some tips and strategies on how to achieve those goals. Firstly, we will investigate how to set appropriate goals, what makes those goals optimally motivating, and how to maintain interest in attaining those goals. This will involve the need to adhere the basic principles that have been shown to make goals effective, such as optimal challenge, intrinsically interesting and motivating, clarity and consistency of the goals, realistic and time perspective of the goals, and whether the outcome of the goal is sufficiently measurable. Secondly, we will look into the kinds of attributes that make people more likely to attain their goals. These include self-monitoring, mental imagery, action planning, and positive feedback.

Unfortunately there will not be a podcast available from this webinar.


Martin Hagger Curtin University, Australia

Martin S. Hagger holds Ph.D. degrees from Loughborough University, UK and the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. He has held faculty positions in psychology departments in the Universities of Sheffield, Essex, and Nottingham in the UK. Currently, he is working as a professor and founding director in Perth, Australia. Martin’s research focus is on the social processes involved in the “self-regulation” of health behaviour. His research applies social cognitive and motivational theories to understand, and to intervene and change, diverse health behaviours such as physical activity, healthy eating, smoking cessation, alcohol reduction, anti-doping behaviour in sport, and medication adherence.

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