Recorded Webinar – Recorded on 27 Mar 2018

Using Training Load Data in Sports with High Anaerobic Energy Demands

Hosted by Dave Cencer

Training Load data can be used to enhance performance and reduce injuries

In this webinar, Athletic Performance Coordinator Dave Cencer shares his expertise on how training load data can be used to enhance performance and reduce injuries in sports that require strength, speed, and power to succeed. Using real-world examples, he will highlight the approaches that increase athlete “buy in” and enhance athlete engagement with their own development. The goal is to reveal a path for each individual athlete that ensures they have the best opportunity to maximize their potential.


Dave Cencer Athletic Performance Coordinator, Ferris State University

Dave Cencer completed his 11th year as a member of the Bulldog Hockey coaching staff in 2016-17, serving as strength and conditioning coach. Splitting his time between men’s hockey and women’s soccer, Cencer has led the effort to implement the latest in sports science technology, using Firstbeat Sports to monitor heart rate, energy expenditure and recovery.

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