How is your staff doing today?

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment removes the guesswork. Engage staff, make data-backed decisions and increase productivity. 98 % of users would recommend.

What is the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment? The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment reveals how an individual’s body reacts to everyday situations. A simple 3-day measurement identifies daily stressors and recovery methods as well as the effects of physical activity – three key building blocks for a productive, happy workforce.

We’ve conducted over 300,000 measurements and work with multi-national businesses. We help you confidently:

  • Focus resources where they are needed most
  • Identify the factors impacting well-being
  • Ensure the work environment is maximizing potential
  • Motivate employees to take control of lifestyle choices
  • Optimize well-being and support mental health

We help you understand the big picture: Work ability is directly influenced by overall well-being, which is a balancing act between work and leisure time. Using anonymous group data, Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment helps you see if your workforce is achieving this balance, how to preserve mental health, and avoid stress and burnout.


Simple yet effective! How a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment project works

1. Gather group information and create the order

Register participants, decide the project timetable and select your feedback model on our order page. Firstbeat’s flexible, convenient service is designed to meet your needs.

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2. Communicate effectively

Take advantage of the Wellness Programme toolkit to communicate with participants via your internal networks. Guide staff to our Individuals page for more information.

3. Get the full picture and follow up

Receive a group report showing the big picture on your employees. Make data-backed decisions to increase wellness and productivity with the help of Firstbeat experts. Follow up measurements help track progress.

Take advantage of our diverse tools to inspire your staff:

Toolbox  |  Coaching Services

Top tips to conduct a successful wellness programme:

  • An informative and engaging kick-off meeting motivates employees to take part.
  • Take advantage of your Customer Success Manager. They’re there to support you.
  • Generate interest via internal communication channels.
  • Get your key staff and executives excited about well-being.
  • Spread the word to colleagues about the results.
  • Take what you learn and apply it to everyday life.


How Firstbeat Lifestyle Assesment for corporations work

Our Customer Success Managers support you every step of the way

Maria Perkola, Customer Success Manager, Firstbeat

“In today’s always on culture it’s hard to say no but it’s important we don’t forget to switch off from time to time. Have a tech free lunch, take your dog out or meet a friend. Prioritise your work so you can switch off when you’re supposed to. Remember to spend time with those who matter to you and don’t take yourself too seriously!”

Maria Perkola
Customer Success Manager

Katie Patman, Customer Success Manager, Firstbeat

“Incorporating some form of exercise into your everyday life really helps give you the energy and resilience to prepare for any challenges that work, and life in general, throws at you. Whether it’s a leisurely walk in the park, an intense SPIN class or a relaxing yoga session, finding something which suits you can really help give the boost you need, when you need it.”

Katie Patman
Customer Success Manager

Motivate your employees to take part and enjoy more valuable results

The better the participants understand the benefits of the Lifestyle Assessment, the more committed they are to the wellness programme. Our Individuals page outlines the key benefits of the assessment and motivates staff to take part.

View the Individuals page

A motivational kick-off meeting gets participants excited to take part and has proven to increase engagement rates. The more participants there are, the more accurate and actionable data you’ll get!

Take advantage of our resources:

Communication plan for your Wellness Programme

Download and use our email and invitation templates to help communicate the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment opportunity to staff.  Visit the HR FAQ section for more info.

Message 1: Your best self

Calendar invite: Invitation to the Kick-Off info

Message 2: Introduction to the Lifestyle Assessment and kick-off meeting

Message 3: Have you remembered to start your assessment?

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