Firstbeat Sports and Kitman Labs Announce API Integration to Streamline Player Monitoring

Nov 6 2018 in News

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Firstbeat Sports Kitman Labs API

Firstbeat Sports and Kitman Labs have introduced an API integration between their two innovative player-monitoring platforms. The outcome is a more streamlined process for teams using Firstbeat Sports’ Team solution and Kitman Labs’ Athlete Optimization System™ to help reduce injury risk, manage training load and optimize player performance.

Firstbeat Director of Sports Performance Products, Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki is enthusiastic about the development:

“The Firstbeat Sports platform allows teams to track player’s internal load, recovery and sleep through advanced heart rate and heart rate variability analysis. Teams at the elite level are looking to use this data in an efficient and effective manner to get the best results when it matters.

“Our recently launched API allows teams to effortlessly integrate Firstbeat analysis with other important measures. Kitman Labs is an ideal partner for us due to their strong track record and expertise in injury prevention among elite teams.”

Kitman Labs’ CEO and Founder, Stephen Smith was equally excited about the potential:

“We understand first-hand the fast-paced reality of sport and therefore the need that teams have to quickly turn around their data to get insights. The direct integration between Kitman Labs and Firstbeat Sports is a great demonstration of two companies putting the needs of their customers first, and adapting our systems to support the day to day demands of the teams we work with.”

“Through the integration teams not only have access to fantastic data from Firstbeat Sports, they can also leverage this data in Kitman Labs by combining it with other metrics they are collecting, adding more context to the data that will help them make better decisions around their athletes.”

Kitman Labs Firstbeat Sports integration

After integrating data from Firstbeat Sports, teams can compare and benchmark data of an individual athlete against groups of athletes or the whole squad.

Saracens, the reigning Premiership Rugby champions, are among the teams already benefiting from the new API integration. Lead Sports Scientist, Tom Sherriff, is delighted with the results so far:

“The direct integration of Firstbeat Sports data in the Kitman Labs platform via the API has greatly improved the efficiency of our workflow, so we’re able to spend less time organising and integrating data and more time analysing and interpreting it, allowing us to make meaningful changes to our training plans.

The process is quick and easy, within 3 clicks all the data we’re used to seeing from Firstbeat Sports is available alongside our loading and wellbeing data, giving us an easily accessible, holistic view of each of our players.”

EPOC Fatigue graph

Teams can also use Kitman Labs’ dashboarding tools to combine Firstbeat Sports data with other metrics they are collecting to get a deeper understanding of trends for their players, as seen above.

Premiership Rugby’s Worcester Warriors and the San Jose Sharks of the NHL are amongst the other teams also seeing the advantages of the collaboration between Firstbeat Sports and Kitman Labs.

For further information, visit and or follow @KitmanLabs and @FirstbeatInfo on Twitter.

About Firstbeat
Firstbeat Sports is a single-platform solution that provides data on training loads, intensity, fitness testing, performance readiness, stress and recovery in one place. Over 22,000 athletes representing over 1,000 teams around the world – from the Premier League and La Liga, to NBA, NFL, Rugby Premiership and NCAA Division I schools – rely on Firstbeat Sports for their advanced physiological metrics.

About Kitman Labs
Kitman Labs are committed to the evolution of performance. Through advanced statistical analysis, rigorous scientific research and over 200 years of unparalleled industry experience, their system evaluates athlete injury and performance with unprecedented precision. Kitman Labs works with over 150 teams worldwide, with its system available in 30 different languages.

Further information:
Veli-Pekka Kurunmäki
Director of Sports Performance Products, Firstbeat
+358 20 763 1663

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