Sports Podcast - Episode 18published 20 Dec 2022

Taking Time to Build the Data – With Steve Chouinard, Colgate Athletics – Ep.18

Welcome to the Firstbeat Sports Podcast where we talk with coaches and sports scientists to explore the latest in performance monitoring and how it is making a difference in NCAA and pro sports alike. We’re going to connect you with practical advice from the best in the business to help you take your athletes to the next level.

In this episode, we’re chatting with Steve Chouinard. Steve is Senior Associate Athletics Director for Health and Performance at Colgate University and has been with the athletic department for 23 years.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Exciting developments to the Colgate Athletic Center
  • NIL deals for college athletes
  • The impact of social media and endorsements on students
  • Which Firstbeat metrics are most useful for Steve
  • The differences in use of Firstbeat between basketball and hockey


  • Steve’s background (1:45)
  • Steve’s latest role and the difference in day to day responsibilites (2:50)
  • To ice or not to ice injuries (4:20)
  • Exciting upgrades to Colgate Athletic Center (6:06)
  • Strength and conditioning and sports medicine – working side by side (6:49)
  • New facilities’ impact on recruiting athletes (9:35)
  • Changes in athlete training post-pandemic (10:45)
  • How the basketball and ice hockey seasons are going (11:40)
  • Students making money from endorsements – Steve’s thoughts (12:20)
  • Social media and endorsements (14:30)
  • Quick-fire round (15:47)
  • Why did you choose Firstbeat? (18:10)
  • Most useful Firstbeat metric (18:45)
  • How has Steve’s use of Firstbeat changed over the years? (21:05)
  • Any difference in how Firstbeat is used between basketball and hockey teams? (21:55)
  • What would you tell yourself if you could back to when you first started using Firstbeat? (23:00)

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