Recorded Webinar – Recorded on 25 Feb 2016

Consumer vs. Professional Wearables –The Right Fit for Corporate Health

Hosted by Tim Wright

Wearables can provide valuable insight considering corporate health

In this webinar Wright delves beneath the surface on consumer versus professional wearables and, backed by science and research, he shares his views as to what he feels is the best fit for corporate health and why.

The webinar is in the past. Unfortunately there is no podcast available from the webinar. 


Tim Wright Commercial Director at Firstbeat UK

Tim Wright has a background of over 20+ years in developing strategic health and wellbeing services for corporate customers. He strives to change the healthcare landscape, creating a more balanced profile between reactive and preventative healthcare. He is passionate about integrated cognitive, physical, emotional and social assessments combining them with cutting edge technology. Tim Wright has worked as a Firstbeat partner for seven years.

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