Recorded Webinar

Physically Tired, or Mentally Weak? Sports Psychology View of Training & Performance

14 Jun

Marc Lochbaum

Dr. Lochbaum has worked across the globe, with a Professorship at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and an affiliation at the KIHU Research Institute for Olympic Sports in Finland. Most recently, he has focused on a sports scientist approach to research and consulting. He uses Firstbeat Sports’ physiological data to tease out mental toughness barriers across multiple collegiate sports.

Date & Time: Thursday, June 14, 10 am EST
Duration: 30min
Speaker: Dr. Marc Lochbaum, Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Texas Tech University

In this webinar, Dr. Marc Lochbaum, Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology at Texas Tech University, explores the physiological and psychological make-up of elite athletes and what it means for training and performance. With an interest in achievement goals and personality in and around sports and exercise, Dr. Lochbaum will share insight into how physiological monitoring can help evaluate athletes and educate coaching decisions – as well as eliminate and explain mental barriers in performance.

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