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Solving the Training-Injury Prevention Paradox

Date & Time: Thu 17th of August at 4 pm GMT+1 / 11 am EST (convert to your timezone)
: 30min
Dr. Tim Gabbett, Gabbett Performance Solutions
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It has been observed that athletes accustomed to high training loads have fewer injuries than athletes training at lower workloads. This webinar will focus on how, when achieved in the right way, high training loads can act as a type of vaccination against injury. Central to this approach is a need for regular monitoring of internal and external training loads. This allows the critical acute:chronic workload ratio variable to guide training prescriptions and serve as a best practice predictor of training related injuries.

Our guest speaker Dr. Tim Gabbett has over 20 years experience working as an applied sport scientist with athletes and coaches from a wide range of sports.

He holds a PhD in human physiology (2000) and has completed a second PhD in the ‘Applied Science of Professional Football’ (2011), with special reference to physical demands, injury prevention, and skill acquisition.

Tim has worked with elite international athletes over several Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games cycles. He continues to work as a sport science consultant and advisor for several high performance teams around the world.

Tim has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles and has presented at over 200 national and international conferences. He is committed to performing world-leading research that can be applied in the ‘real world’ to benefit high performance coaches and athletes.

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