Recorded Webinar – Recorded on 17 Oct 2017

NCAA Basketball: Challenging Players with the Right Training Load

Hosted by Tim Beltz

challenge each athlete in the most individually beneficial way possible using Firstbeat Training Load

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In this webinar, Tim Beltz, M.Sc., Exercise Physiology, shares his expertise on the subject of training loads, how they can be quantified, tracked, and applied to boost the performance of top basketball players competing at the Division I level. Utilizing real-world data, he will introduce typical values and describe best practices for using this data to challenge each athlete in the most individually beneficial way possible.


Tim Beltz Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach (WBB), University of Pittsburgh

In addition to numerous other credentials, Beltz is a Master Strength and Conditioning Coach certified by the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCA). He has been a member of the University of Pittsburgh training staff since 1999, where he currently specializes in preparing student athletes for the challenges of collegiate basketball and beyond.

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