Recorded Webinar

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment as a Professional Tool – Linking Nutrition and Lifestyle

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Speaker: Alessandro Ferretti, Nutrition Specialist and Medical Director at Senses Health

In his work, nutritionist professional Alessandro Ferretti focuses in developing and mentoring people and corporate clients in reaching optimal health and performance. His specialisation areas include nutrition, health, sport and psycho-emotional wellbeing and performance. Using the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment, Alessandro has been able to connect client’s feelings with HRV measurement data, prove the connection of lifestyle habits to health and well-being and promote behavioral change in his clients. In this webinar Alessandro shares what he has learned over the years of using Firstbeat.

  • How does Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment fit for professional health and wellness coaching?
  • Case examples of achieving change using the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment as a tool
  • What do the clients get and how do they benefit?


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