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Reach your health and performance potential

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment provides concrete information on your well-being and helps you reach your health and performance potential with science-backed confidence.

Firstbeat can model
your physiology digitally.

As a result, your body’s reactions to daily activities and environmental factors are visible in new exciting ways. Our unique heart rate variability analysis uses data about your work, leisure and sleep to create a complete picture of your health and performance.

Avoid stress and build your resources

Prolonged periods of stress without sufficient recovery can lead to serious overload and exhaustion. Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment can highlight insufficient recovery levels before they become serious problem. Awareness allows preventative solutions that put you ahead of the game.

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Now you can find out your fitness level as part of Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

Taking care of yourself is an integral part of holistic well-being, and physical activity improves the quality of sleep and stress management, as well as helps to achieve a more energetic state. However, sometimes it can feel like there’s no time or motivation to be active, or exercise might seem too burdensome or ineffective.

Lifestyle Assessment’s Fitness Level feature provides you with an accurate assessment of your fitness level to help find the joy of exercise and develop your fitness to promote your daily well-being.

  • Easy to implement as part of the Lifestyle Assessment – only half an hour’s brisk walk required.
  • Provide an accurate estimate of your fitness and the impact of your current health on your life and well-being.
  • Motivates you to move and pay attention to your daily activity, and to maintain progress being made.

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Learn how your body reacts

Manage Stress

  • Recognize activities that cause stress
  • Identify consuming factors in personal life and work
  • Perform better

Enhance Recovery

  • Understand how to recover better and replenish your resources
  • Identify moments of recovery
  • Understand how to improve your sleep quality
  • Feel more energized and focused


Exercise Right

  • Find the optimal level and right type of exercise for you
  • See the fitness and health effects of physical activity, calories and daily steps
  • Increase the functional quality of your life

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How Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment works

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Physiological snapshot of everyday life

Firstbeat-Lifestyle-Assessment-learn-from-data 2

Learn from data

Identify factors that affect your well-being and performance

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Get the balance right

Health coaching to improve well-being and performance


Make lifestyle changes

Improve stress management, exercise and sleep quality

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