Firstbeat Life Corporate Wellness Solution – FAQ

Firstbeat Life is our cutting-edge subscription-based corporate wellness solution and the new way to support physical and mental well-being. Since its arrival and our Virtual Launch event, there has been a lot of interest and questions about the new solution.

Whether you are an employer, employee, or partner this FAQ page provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here or on the Firstbeat Life page, contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.

As an Employer, You Might Be Wondering…

Which employees should be using Firstbeat Life?

You can purchase Firstbeat Life for all your employees, or select specific teams or departments. Of course, the more people using Firstbeat Life the better so you can build a true picture of your company’s well-being. Company and team-level data will help you make data-driven corporate well-being decisions, identify potential risk areas in advance, and focus on areas of need.

Historically, Firstbeat clients achieve wellness program engagement rates of up to 88%, and 96% of clients recommend Firstbeat’s wellness solutions. We think this proves our service is embraced, and used, by employees when made available.

What if some employees measure a lot more than others? Does this impact the accuracy of overall company data? 

Overall company data is aggregated based on every individual who has taken part. To prevent results being skewed it factors in one result per employee – whether this is an average result from one employee measuring 10 times in a quarter or another employee’s single measurement result.

Firstbeat Life™ for Corporate Wellness

Firstbeat Life is a subscription-based corporate wellness solution for modern workplace well-being management, and an integral part of preventive healthcare.

What actions can companies take based on the insights Firstbeat Life provides?

Companies use Firstbeat insights to make key decisions across their business that boost wellness and help reduce sick leave and absenteeism. This includes everything from assessing ROI on wellness strategies, knowing what areas of the business to target for additional well-being support moving forward, and introducing support and benefits based around stress, exercise, and sleep.

Is there a fee for the devices in addition to the subscription? Does the company have to return devices if they end the subscription?

No, there is no additional fee. Devices are included in the subscription. Once delivered, devices are for employees to keep. Obviously, they will only be able to conduct Firstbeat Life measurements whilst the subscription is valid.

As a Firstbeat Partner, You Might Be Asking…

Is Firstbeat Life available to service providers and partners?

Firstbeat Life is available to our partner network. Service providers, ie companies in the health and well-being sector as well as professionals, can incorporate Firstbeat Life into their services for companies, groups and individuals. Professional technology and highly accurate physiological data support a variety of health or wellness programs.

Check out Firstbeat Life for partners and contact us so we can discuss the most suitable solutions and service models for you in more detail.

Firstbeat Life provides many different possibilities for our partners and service providers. Contact us to hear more.

Is the device CE marked?

Yes, the Bodyguard 3 device used in Firstbeat Life is CE marked, meaning it meets EU safety, health, or environmental requirements.

How does the accuracy of the Bodyguard 3 compare to common clinical ECG?

The Firstbeat Bodyguard 3 detects RRI (R-to-R intervals, used for quantification of heart rate variability) with 1-millisecond resolution. It has been benchmarked against clinical-grade ECG and found to have an accuracy between 1-2 milliseconds in laboratory protocol involving various physical activities such as running and walking. This is comparable to clinical-grade ECG.

As an Individual, We Think You’d Like to Know…

How regularly should I do a Firstbeat Life measurement? Once a week, once a month, etc.?

How often you measure is up to you but the more you measure the more you will understand your own well-being and how it is changing. Because you have access to a personal device, you can measure as often as you like. For example, measuring once a month would give you a consistent overview of your well-being. Other people like to measure during a specific event or unique situation to see how their body responds to, e.g., a busy work week or vacation.

Can my employer see my personal data?

No. Employers never see an individual employee’s personal data. Employers see aggregated, anonymized data for a company-wide overview of the organization. See our privacy policy for more details.

Firstbeat Life allows employees to see the effect of their daily choices. It turns sleep, recovery, stress, and exercise data into actionable insights – inspiring positive lifestyle changes.

Are the results provided in real time or after the measurement is complete?

The real-time Firstbeat Life graph is updated throughout the measurement, allowing you to monitor your stress levels, recovery, sleep and physical activity. This lets you, for example, react to excessive stress right away and take some time to recover and re-energize. However, you will get your final, more in-depth result after you complete the Firstbeat Life measurement.

How does Firstbeat Life help after a measurement and results are provided?

The insights provided by Firstbeat Life from a measurement lasting 1-5 days help you introduce small changes in your daily routine. But this isn’t just a one-off measurement. The more you measure, the better an understanding you will have of your well-being and how you respond to everyday life.

The app also gives you a result-based video recommendation after each measurement to help focus your actions. If your subscription includes personal coaching, then you will also receive a one-on-one coaching session over the phone with a qualified Firstbeat Coach. They will discuss the next steps you can take that will help you reach your health and performance potential.

You can also always check out Firstbeat’s wide-ranging content covering topics like stress, sleep, recovery in the form of blogs, videoswebinars, in-app advice, and more.

How does Firstbeat Life’s data differ from wearable devices?

The main difference is that Firstbeat Life records heart rate variability directly based on clinical-grade ECG, with similar levels of accuracy and detail. Most wearable devices are based on monitoring pulse rate variation with optical technologies on the wrist. Firstbeat Life’s method provides highly accurate, meaningful, and detailed insights from your physiology during rest and motion.

You can read more about the differences of Firstbeat Life and wearables in our blog. If you are interested to learn more about heart rate variability and the science behind Firstbeat here.

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