Recorded Webinar – Recorded on 5 May 2017

It’s All About Sleep – Practical Insights for Top-Level Sports and Corporates

Hosted by Henri Tuomilehto

Sleep is an imortant factor of wellbeing

The quality and amount of sleep is the basis of our well-being. Poor sleep affects our ability to recover, which in turn affects our energy levels to work, eat healthily and do daily tasks. In other words, sleep affects everything! The good news is that the ability to recover is not some mystical phenomenon but a skill that can be trained and improved. This webinar describes the basics of sleep and its impact on our performance, health and well-being so that restoring sleep and successful recovery can be achieved!

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Henri Tuomilehto Sleep Specialist, Oivauni Sleep Clinic

Henri Tuomilehto is a well-known expert of Sleep Medicine and one of the rare full-time sleep physicians in Finland. He is the founder and Medical Director of Oivauni Sleep Clinic. Recently, he has been working as an advisor for the Finnish top-athletes (HJK, Jokerit and High-performance Unit of Olympic Committee) to enhance their recovery and performance by better sleeping. Over the last few years he has been counselling more than 500 Finnish professional athletes. Henri has published a total of 65 peer-reviewed articles on sleep and particularly how to treat and prevent sleep disorders with healthier diet and physical activity.

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