Top Health and Fitness Wearable Features According to Users in 2018

All-day Stress and Recovery

It’s been well over a decade since the first Firstbeat powered features appeared in wearable devices. Today millions of people around the world are making better, more personal health, fitness, and training decisions thanks to our advanced performance analytics.

Licensed by leading brands and integrated into over 100 different wearable devices, the Firstbeat analytics engine transforms heartbeat data into information you can use to make better, more personal health, fitness, and performance decisions.

Which Firstbeat powered features are users most interested in? Here’s what we found.

Based on 2018 user traffic patterns from our website, these are the Firstbeat features that people were most eager to learn more about.

  1. VO2max Fitness Level – Cardiorespiratory fitness is a vital indicator of health,longevity, and  performance capacity. The ability to easily pinpoint your current fitness level and monitor changes over time helps you make better activity decisions and stay motivated.
  2. All-day Stress – Changes in how your heart beats from one moment to the next are analyzed and used as a window for observing changes in your autonomic nervous system. Achieve balance with scientific insight into how your body responds to challenges of life and environment.
  3. Aerobic Training Effect – Delivers clear insight into the personal relationship between your workouts and how your own body will respond. Performance data analyzed on the fly is transformed into a real-time prediction of how your efforts will influence the development of future aerobic performance capacity (VO2max).
  4. Recovery Time – Adequate recovery is the key to maximizing the health and performance benefits you deserve from your workouts. At the end of each workout, a countdown clock begins that reveals when your body will be ready to benefit from the next hard workout.
  5. Training Status – Scientific insight into the effectiveness of your training activities. Changes in your current fitness level are examined in light of your training history to reveal whether your efforts are productive, unproductive, or simply maintaining your current fitness level. You can also see when you are peaking, detraining, recovering, and more.
  6. Training Load – Reveals the total amount of strain placed on your body over the past 7-days regardless of activity. As a result, you can easily see whether you are physically active enough to achieve your health and performance goals and when you are over- or under-doing it.
  7. Calories Burned – Whether your trying to lose weight, achieve a healthy balance, or prepare for an upcoming race, reliable calorie counts give you the advantage you need. By modeling human physiology and measuring intensity in terms of oxygen consumption, Firstbeat offers the confidence of enhanced accuracy for energy expenditure estimates across the spectrum.

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